High-Performance Heating with Solar Roofing and Solar Reroofing

American Solar’s metal roofing projects deliver high-performance solar heating in beautiful weather-tight roofs that are indistinguishable from conventional roofing systems.

Most solar manufacturer’s sell a large, boxy panel that must be attached on top of a roof. In contrast, American Solar’s metal panel systems become the weather-tight building roof. Our system’s components are conventional metal roofing panels, shingles, shakes, or slates. Our unique approach to solar heating delivers large solar heating systems with high-energy savings.

In many cases, the new solar roof is eligible for large Federal and state tax credits. The combination of long life, energy cost savings and tax savings make the American Solar roof the best value in roofing for commercial or institutional building owners.

While we use a variety of products for solar metal roofing, we specialize in system design. We work with the entire design and build team to ensure the solar roofing delivers useful heating systems within the building.

In the design phase, we can consult with the architect and building owner. In the construction phase, we can specify the solar roofing materials for the contractors to order and install. We are most valuable to customers who use contractors to install systems to our specifications. We can work with your builder or contractor to develop the material ordering lists and help them learn the routine installation techniques.

We offer a variety of services and products to serve customers’ solar roofing needs, including:

  • study plans
  • component manufacturer lists
  • tools guides
  • installation guides
  • contractor lists
  • specialized hardware to gather and deliver solar heated air
  • controls to maximize energy delivery from the solar roofing and siding systems

We also provide complete solar design service for custom projects such as:

  • Building new construction
  • Building additions and renovation
  • Implementing solar heat recovery systems using existing roofing and siding

Contractors specializing in solar heating, or metal roofing can install our systems. In most cases, contractors install the siding and roofing systems the same way manufacturers have specified in hundreds of millions of square feet of installations.

Our systems can deliver solar heated air at temperatures up to 150 degrees F. Building systems can use the heated air produced by our systems for:

  • Space heating
  • Water heating,
  • Clothes dryer air preheating,
  • Heat pump preheating,
  • Combustion air preheating,
  • Ventilation preheating,
  • Equipment heating,
  • Industrial process heating,
  • Drying and dehumidification, and
  • Radiant floor heating.

Our weather-tight and building code approved installations are appropriate for steep and low slope roofs and can use:

  • standing seam metal roofing,
  • metal shingle roofing,
  • metal shake roofing,
  • metal slate roofing,
  • metal panel roofing,
  • metal panel re-roofing, and
  • solar heat recovery from existing metal roofing.

Owners can expect $1 to $4 of energy savings per year for every square foot of solar roofing installed, depending on the current energy costs, energy use and roofing orientation.

Commercial owners can expect up to a 54% tax break on the cost of the solar roof, depending on your company’s Federal tax bracket. Many states also offer additional tax savings for the installation of solar roofing for heating or cooling, further lowering the after tax cost of the system. For government, institutional or not-for-profit organizations, we can identify options for financing the roof through third parties that can provide a lower cost roof than a conventional roofing system.

With the variety of options, the solar metal roof or solar metal re-roof is almost always the lowest cost roof for a building owner.

For more information about your solar roofing opportunities, contact us.