Solar Heating for Direct Air Heating

Many types of facilities will benefit from American Solar’s cost-effective solar air-heating technologies. American Solar reduces heating costs for:

  • Facilities with large open spaces such as factories and warehouses
  • Laboratories, research and agricultural facilities needing to constantly refresh air
  • Facilities with a high daytime heating load (schools and public buildings),
  • Systems that can benefit by receiving preheated incoming air (boilers, dryers, etc.) and
  • Other facilities that need low-temperature heat

The systems are easy to retrofit and use standard building components.

We produce solar-heated air cost-effectively using conventional metal roofing and siding.

We use a variety of techniques to solar heat air. Our typical systems use a metal surface to capture heat. Sunlight hitting the metal surface heats that surface which, in turn, heats the air in contact with the surface. A small fan moves the air through the system for a broad array of uses in buildings, commercial facilities, and agricultural or industrial processes.

The illustration below is indicative of the operation of all the American Solar air heating systems, which simply heat air.

Side View of American Solar Metal Roof. Sunlight heats the metal roof. A small fan moves air under the roof to direct the heated air into the building. The roof contains the heat, even in cold and windy conditions, ensuring high temperature solar heated air is collected.

For a comprehensive review of technical information, visit our page on technical reports.