In the United States, the Largest Energy Demand in Buildings is for HEAT

For a commercial or industrial building, one of the largest operating costs is heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). In most of the US, the longer heating season requires more energy than the shorter air conditioning season. Different building types have different heating and cooling needs, which also vary the annual balance between heating and cooling energy use. A solar energy audit can identify the opportunities in a specific building for solar heating, solar cooling, or solar dehumidification, solar water heating, or process heating.

American Solar has broad expertise in solar heating audit, design and construction services. Our management team includes professionals with decades of energy management expertise in the largest energy-using organizations in the nation. We have conducted scores of solar energy audits and assessments for all types of buildings and industrial processes.

We provide solar heating design and consulting services to commercial, industrial and government clients who wish to reduce their energy costs. We also provide solar design and consulting services to architects, general contractors, and roofers, to improve their bid responses for new construction and renovation projects. We specialize in solar technologies that lower the buildings owner’s installed cost and improve the contractor’s pricing and profit.