Solar Thermal Roofing for HHS Lab

DATE: Summer 2008

American Solar recently completed an award winning campus wide solar retrofit for an HHS Lab. The system involved 14 buildings and deployed nearly an acre of solar roofing, siding, and ground mounted systems. The overall system capacity is over 4 million BTU per hour.

The system included re-roofing and re-siding 11 buildings for ventilation preheating, ground mounted systems for heat pump preheating and emergency generator heating, and solar siding for emergency generator preheating.

The ventilation preheating was for several buildings which use 100% (once through) outside air. Solar heat recovered from the new roofing and siding provides about 27,000 cubic feet per minute of heated air that is 40-50 degrees warmer than the outside air, substantially reducing the heating from the natural gas fueled boilers.