Solar Energy Services for Federal, State and Local Government

American Solar helps Federal, state, and local government facilities take advantage of cost-effective solar-thermal projects. We provide project audits and design consulting services.

Our management team has experience with a broad range of contract vehicles. We have significant experience in delivering solar heating projects under energy savings performance contracts (ESPC’s) and Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESC’s). We have teamed with several Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) and utilities to provide cost-effective projects with excellent paybacks on very large contracts.

Our Solar re-roofing designs also compete well for DOD Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP) funding. Recent projects have shown life cycle savings to investment ratios of 2 to 4 and simple payback periods of 4-8 years.

Our senior staff has years of experience in design, construction, and construction management of solar heating projects for government facilities. We have installed solar heating and heat recovery systems for offices, laboratories, boiler rooms, animal buildings, warehouse and maintenance depots, postal facilities, modular buildings, housing, aircraft hangars, agricultural buildings, fire stations, and industrial equipment heating.

American Solar’s government clients include:

National Institutes of Health
US Army
US Air Force
US Department of Defense HQ (the Pentagon)
US Food and Drug Administration
US Department of Agriculture
US Geological Survey
State of Virginia
Dulles International Airport