Developing Solar Heating Projects for Commerical Buildings for 15+ Years

Since 2001, American Solar has developed, designed, and installed some of the most advanced solar heating systems in the United States. Our advanced designs use the conventional walls and roofs of buildings as solar air-heating surfaces.

In many cases, our projects use the existing metal wall and roof systems as part of the building’s new solar heating system. Our systems capture solar heat from the building’s walls and roofs and deliver the heated air for space heating, water heating, equipment heating, … even solar air conditioning …saving energy and money for the customers.

Federal Tax Incentives Enhance the Economics of American Solar’s Commercial Projects

  • Current Federal law provides a 30% tax deduction on the installed cost of commercially owned solar energy systems.
  • Commercial systems can also take advantage of a 5-year accelerated depreciation deduction, instead of the 39 years required for a typical building.
  • 86% of that depreciation deduction occurs in the first three years, compared to 7% with a typical nonsolar wall or roof.
  • For a company with a typical tax rate, that means a 48% reduction in installed costs after taxes, in 3 years, and 51% in 6 years.

Our projects deliver continuous low-cost heat

An American Solar project delivers heat energy at a value of up to $4/per square ft/per year depending on the customer’s current heating energy costs and use.

As conventional energy costs rise, the solar energy delivered from walls and roofs becomes more valuable. Building-integrated walls and roofs deliver lower cost heat than conventional fossil fuels or other solar technologies. Energy cost savings combined with tax savings from solar walls and roofs gives customers very high returns. These savings are especially great compared to separately purchasing conventional wall and roof systems and decades of heating fuel purchases.

Our commercial and industrial clients have included:

Archstone Smith

What are best uses for solar air-heating?

The best commercial use of solar air heating is for year-round process heating or preheating.
These systems work well for air, liquid or raw material low to mid temperature heating.

Customers can use low temp air (< 100deg F) for:
*Ventilation preheating
*Heat pump preheating
*Air-Radiant floors
*Low temp drying
*Hot water preheating

Customers can use mid temp air (110 – 190 deg F) for:
*Boiler air preheating
*Hot water heating
*Desiccant drying