Solar Roofing for Energy and Cost Savings

We combine the best roofing system and simplest solar energy technology to save building owners the most on their energy and roofing expenses.

Energy needs: Typically the largest energy use and costs in building operations are for heating, whether it’s for:

  • space heating
  • water heating
  • industrial process heating
  • equipment heating… or drying

In the United States. the Largest Energy Demand is for HEAT

  • Heating Energy is the Largest Energy Use In Commercial Buildings

  • Roofing and siding needs: One of the largest single expenses during the life of a building is the replacement of a worn out roof.

Most large buildings with flat roofs require re-roofing every 15-20 years. Some less expensive roofing systems require replacement or re-treatment even more often. Studies show the most durable roof for these low-slope applications is a metal roof. It is the most cost-effective roof over the life of a building.

Similarly, metal siding is the most cost-effective way to build permanent, weather tight walls.

Now, commercial, government, and institutional facilities have a new cost-effective way to meet their heating, roofing and siding needs with American Solar’s systems.

Our systems efficiently gather large amounts of solar energy by collecting solar heated air from long life metal roofs and siding. That simple source of solar energy, solar-heated air, is then be used in a variety of ways to reduce the heating needs from expensive energy sources. Solar-heated air can save on heating costs from:

  • electric heat
  • natural gas heat
  • propane
  • heating oil
  • coal
  • and more

With these innovative technologies, customers can use solar energy in several new ways. Solar-heated air can improve indoor air quality, by bringing in fresh outside air that is preheated with low-cost solar heat. Low cost solar heated air can also heat industrial and agricultural feedstock before they enter the expensive heating portion of the process.

With American Solar’s air-heating systems, customers can more efficiently heat:

  • Air in buildings such as schools, factories, warehouses, offices, etc.
  • Hot water for commercial or industrial processes
  • Boiler intake air and make-up feed water
  • Spray/bake paint booths
  • Industrial and agricultural feed stocks
  • Emergency generators to ensure a ready-to-start environment
  • and more

Compared to today’s high energy prices, solar thermal energy is relatively inexpensive. Facilities using expensive heating sources, such as electric resistant heating, reap the greatest saving with solar-air-heating systems. Customers with year round energy loads that use high-cost heating sources benefit the most. However, even customers with only seasonal heating needs will reduce energy costs and see strong returns on their solar investment.

Most building owners will reduce their energy costs with American Solar systems.

Does Your Building Need a New Roof or New Siding?

Our systems use metal roofing and siding as the weather-tight roof or wall and the solar collector surface. In many cases, our solar heating roof will be your new long-life roof. It will last longer than a conventional roof and provide all the solar heat you can gather, every day the sun shines.

Solar Heating System’s Deliver Superior Financial Performance

Businesses that incorporate solar systems onto their structures get solar tax credits. When a building integrates solar roof or solar siding, the building owner gets a 30 % tax credit and accelerated depreciation. For more information on these tax credits, visit our solar tax credit overview page.

The system’s cost effective performance combined with the solar tax credits give American Solar customers the fastest payback in the solar industry.