John Archibald founded American Solar in 2000. Under Mr. Archibald’s leadership, ASI developed several techniques to collect heat from solar heated surfaces of buildings. The company helped put those techniques in use in several government, educational, and agricultural buildings, and are saving facility operators hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in energy expenses.

ASI works with several Federal agencies on solar and waste-heat-recovery projects. The company has trained several engineers, architects, solar, mechanical, and building envelope contractors on various solar and waste-heat-recovery techniques. ASI provides advice to these companies on how to use these conventional construction techniques to capture low cost heat to reduce energy expenses.

In its early years, the company focused on developing several proven techniques for solar heat recovery from existing roofs. The company’s earliest projects applied these techniques on many Federal buildings. The company worked with numerous roofing companies to complete these projects, which include all the largest solar air-heating roofs in North America.

The company will still consult with companies on those techniques but now focuses on product research and development for systems not related to roofing and siding. The company’s current focus is on the research, development, and testing of patent-pending solar air-heating systems for agricultural building heating. Several Federal agencies have recently awarded ASI several contracts and grants to demonstrate and document the performance of these new solar and waste-heat-recovery techniques.

Executive Team

John Archibald, President of American Solar, Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in the solar energy industry. He specializes in research, design and testing of cost-effective solar air-heating and waste heat projects. He has extensive experience in solar energy system analysis, design, construction and operation.

As a pragmatic and creative solar-engineer, Mr. Archibald has managed project teams installing the largest solar-thermal roofing systems in North America in the past 5 years. American Solar’s past projects involved design and commissioning more than 250,000 square feet of building integrated solar air-heating roofing, siding, and ground mounted air-heating panels. He has trained several architects, engineers, roofing, mechanical, solar, and electrical contractors and manufacturers on the design and installation of the systems.

Under Mr. Archibald’s leadership, American Solar as directly managed or been the principle designer of numerous successful solar air heating and cooling projects throughout the US for 70+ buildings with a total project value of $5 million.

He currently leads American Solar in its new company focus on research and development of new products and techniques for solar and waste-heat-recovery projects, which do not involve roofing and siding materials.

Mr. Archibald was formerly Director of the US Government’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).

As FEMP Director, Mr. Archibald successfully administered a $20+ million/year program that leveraged billions of dollars in private financing to reduce energy costs. Mr. Archibald directed the launch of the Super Energy Savings Performance Contracts (Super ESPCs) within the Federal government.

These FEMP contracting efforts resulted in the award of over $5 billion in Super ESPCs covering all 3 billion square feet of Federal facilities in all states and territories. He holds dual engineering degrees and an MBA.