Innovative Solar Air-Heating

American Solar Inc. designs and builds solar-heating systems harnessing the sun’s energy for:

  • heating buildings and water
  • heating and preheating commercial processes
  • drying processes
  • cooling spaces
  • driving thermal electric generators, and more

Our low-cost approach to solar energy offers commercial, industrial, and government customers the quickest payback and highest ROI in the alternative energy business.

Our systems can integrate seamlessly with your building’s traditional HVAC system. We can also deliver low-cost solar heat for industrial processes.

American Solar, Inc. has created a line of technologies based on solar thermal roof tile heating systems. This technology group includes solar air-heating metal roofs, solar walls, solar siding, solar hot water systems and more.

Download this PDF to read more about the full line of solar thermal roof tile heating systems.

    Solar heating raises air 60+ degrees above outside air  

Why Solar Heat?

Solar heating (or thermal) systems:

  • meet the largest need for energy in buildings, which is the need for heat
  • produce energy at lower cost than solar electric systems and many other heating systems
  • are the most efficient and productive solar energy systems

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What Does Solar Heating Cost?

Solar thermal systems produce heat for as low as $4-6 per million BTU, or about 1.5-2 per kilowatt hour of thermal energy delivered. Most electric utility customers spend about 7-15 per kilowatt hour ($20-44 per million BTU). Most solar electric systems produce solar electricity for about 15 per kilowatt hour ($44 per million BTU).

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Solar Heat Success Story

American Solar recently completed an award winning campus-wide solar retrofit for a US Health and Human Services' Lab. The system involved 14 buildings and deployed nearly an acre of solar roofing, siding, and ground mounted systems. The overall system capacity is over 4 million BTU per hour.

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